About Grand Square Hall Panama City

Introducing the 2024 Board of Directors for Grand Square Hall Panama City (GSHPC) the Emerald Coast’s biggest and best all wooden floor. Combined, they have 35 years of dancing and volunteering at GSHPC. 

GSHPC was built in 1986 by the Panama City Square and Round Dance Association who operate as a Not-for-Profit organization. All events are family friendly (no smoking or alcohol) and there’s plenty of free parking.

Located at 1105 Bob Little Road in Panama City, the dance floor is 66′ long x 54′ wide (two-thirds the size of an NBA basketball court) and has a genuine floating floor that’s soft on your feet. 

All ages and all dance levels are invited to join us on the dance floor. Classes range from $5 to $15. Thousands of dancers attend hundreds of events at GSHPC annually with a variety of styles: Ballroom, Cha-Cha, Country Ballroom Fusion, Couples Line Dancing, Latin, Line Dancing, Rumba, Square Dancing, Swing, Tango, Two-Step, Waltz and West Coast Swing. 

Four dance clubs meet year-round and host hundreds of students weekly at GSHPC:

–          Panama City Social Dance Club Mondays 6:30pm $5

–          Slick Kickers Panama City Line Dancing Tuesdays 6:00pm $7

–          County & Ballroom Fusion Thursdays 6:30pm $15 and Sundays 4:30pm $15

–          Swinging Squares Square Dancing Fridays 6:15pm $6

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Spinning, shimmering, glittering mirrored ball completes the ambiance for hundreds of dance events held annually at the Emerald Coast's biggest and best all wooden dance floor!